25oz 750ml cylinder round glass preserving jar with lid wholesale

This 25oz glass jar is a large jar, very suitable for family size consumption, and with different color of lid. Each glass jar is made of high-quality thick-cut transparent glass and has reached the highest standards. The shape is very familiar, and its design is designed to improve the ease of use of the wide neck and long body.

Products Details

25oz 750ml cylinder round glass preserving jar with lid wholesale This 750ml jar is an ideal solution for pickling products such as onions and eggs, and is large enough to ensure that everyone in the house gets the right portion. If you like to make your own seasonings like many people do, then these large glass food jars are ideal for satisfying the whole family. Products such as meat sauce/chili sauce can be perfectly stored in the refrigerator every time. This is a must if you want to expand the product size or range. Through size adjustment, you can provide customers with the same stock options at different prices. Your customers need to change over time, so your packaging should also ensure that you can keep them! Easypack Glassware allows all customers to order free samples. If you really need our packaging in bulk, we will automatically provide you with a big discount at the checkout stage. We recommend that all customers conduct product testing before placing an order. This ensures that our glassware can meet your requirements before making a major investment. If you have any specific questions about our products, please contact us for free!  
Product Summary
  • 25oz capacity
  • MOQ is 5,000 units
  • Discounts apply to bulk purchases
  • Custom color
  • Custom logo
  • Custom packaging
  • Made of high flint soda lime glass material
  • Smaller/larger capacity is available

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